Bridge Design & Engineering

Our Bridge Design practice is rooted in the more than 26 years experience of our principal, providing valuable and steady hands on guidance. Our services are wide and varied, we provide competent professional services

•Advance Planning Studies

•PS&E on all Types of Bridges

•Erection Engineering

•Staged Construction Analysis of all Bridge Types

•Assessment & Load Rating

•Seismic Response Analysis (Response Spectrum + Time History)

•Cast-in-Place Post Tensioned Box Girder and Segmental Bridges

•Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Box
Girder Bridges

•Steel Plate & Box Girder Bridges

•Precast Prestressed ‘I’ Girder Bridges

•Erection and Demolition Engineering

•Falsework & Temporary Structures

•Rail Road Bridges

•Load Rating of Bridges

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