Numerical Modelling, Simulation & Advanced Analysis

At the core of our speciality is our Numerical Simulations & Advanced Analysis practice, through this we provide value owners, contractors and other engineering firms. From Constitutive Material Modelling to Push Over Analysis, we can help:

• Provide a cost-effective service if you do not have an in-house FE Capability.

• Provide assistance with advanced and novel analyses.

• Independent Design Check and Verification of Design assumptions

• Non Linear Analysis

• Detailed Analysis of Reinforced & Post tensioned Concrete Structures.

• Non-linear contact interaction and ultimate load analysis

• Soil Structure Interaction Analysis

• Blast Load Analysis

• Material Constitutive Modelling

• Aerodynamic / Aero-elastic Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics

• Vibration Analysis

• Rail /Structure Interaction Analysis

• Static, Dynamic, Thermal and Seismic Analysis of Reinforced and mass Concrete Structures.

• Buckling Analysis.

• And much more!

For our FE Analysis we run LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, ANSYS & OPENSEES, SAP2000.
For Computational Fluid Dynamics we run ANSYS-CFX